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Drupal offers a neat semantic markup code, streamlined content management, easy page, and blog publishing and quick website development.

Lemato provide a full service on Drupal development.

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Building from scratch

Design – Develop – Deploy

Themes and Layout

Develop custom themes and layouts

Modules / API

Develop business module and API

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PaaS, SaaS, LaaS Cloud Deploy

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Lemato works on Drupal for many years. We develop all kind of module and functions which extends Drupal into another level. We work with all kinds of clients include Enterprise Companies, Self-Owned companies, Online Selling companies and even individuals.

Drupal is very flexible in both architecture and infrastructure. WIth different needs, we customize modules and layers for specific requirement, from cloud services to on-premise.

Lemato not only working on Drupal module development, we make on step further on promoting your site to publics. Drupal itself includes many functions on SEO for marketers. However, you need to config and using it right in order to boost your business and site ranking.

Lemato work with multiple digital channel and knows how to optimize Drupal SEO.

No matter what your requirement is, give us a call and we can help.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Drupal Features

Purely a building tool
Previous versions of Features included extensive workarounds to make up for the lack of support for configuration export in Drupal core. Now, thanks to the Configuration API built into Drupal 8, we’re able to focus exclusively on the task of packaging up configuration–what Features is all about. The Feature module is not a dependency for sites that install feature modules.
Automatic packaging
Rather than requiring you to manually create individual features, Features analyzes your site and automatically packages up site configuration into a set of features.
Highly configurable
We’ve made it easier to build features that work well with other feature sets by making feature creation interoperable by default.
Interoperability build in
Practically everything that Features does can be tweaked to your requirements by configuring plugins.
Support for feature sets
Rather than being limited to the individual feature, Features now supports bundles–sets of features sharing a namespace.

We’ve Been Building Drupal For Over 10 Years

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